About us

About Us

The team behind a magical vacation

Did you know the quality of your accommodation can make or break your best vacation ever? Nothing ruins your vacation more than an unsuitable, uncomfortable and expensive stay at an unfamiliar place far from home. That is why we are here to help!

With thousands of happy guests as part of our testimony, Nova Vacation Homes is a professional company and we have been managing stunning luxury vacation homes since 2008. We offer hotel-class service, all at an affordable price! With over 100 properties and stellar ratings, as well as with excellent and 24/7 service, we make every guest’s vacation just that much more magical.

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Why Us?

What makes us special?

24/7 Customer Service

We know you're here to relax and unwind, not to fuss and worry about your trip or your accommodation. We also know how daunting it can be to go somewhere unfamiliar without any sort of local help.

That is why we offer 24/7 customer support before, during and after your stay with us! Just give us a call!

You enjoy more, for less

We know the hard work that goes behind saving up for a family vacation of a lifetime. We are individuals with families, we've been there.

That is why we always guarantee the lowest prices for our top-notch villas and services!

Enjoy Orlando up close

A lot of our houses and villas, aside from eing beautiful, comfortable and spacious, are also very close to major Orlando attractions. A lot of them are only 2 miles to Disney!

Enjoy more up close!



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