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Parking Information

Understand the rules and register your drivers

Parking Rules

All resorts do not allow Boats, RVs, or trailers to be parked or stored on the resort property at any time. If they find guests to have a Boat, RV or Trailer they will tow it at the cost of the owner of the vehicle or trailer.


Windsor Hills strictly only allows 3 vehicles maximum and there is no street parking.

Windsor Island Allows 3 to 4 vehicles. No street parking. There are limited additional parking spaces in the resort.

Champions Gate, Storey Lake strictly only allows vehicles maximum with curbside parking allowed.

Solterra Resort Allows 3 vehicles maximum. There is an active towing policy. Any cars not parked in either a driveway or a designated, lined parking space will be towed.

Bella Vida Resort Townhome: 4 vehicles maximum, Single Family Home: 6 vehicles maximum, 10 or more bedrooms home: 8 vehicles maximum. There is an active towing policy, no street parking.

Veranda Palms Resort Allows 6 vehicles maximum
These policies are established and enforced by the resort community and not us. 

We do not make other arrangements or requests.

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