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About Nova Vacation

 At Nova Vacation Homes, we are a property management company in Orlando, Florida that has been in business for about 10 years. We specialize in providing the best property management services in Orlando, Florida. Our goal is to solve for the inconsistent property management services in Florida by providing amazing concierge services at reasonable costs where everyone is happy.

Our Values and Commitments to you

What the Nova Vacations Team promises to give every client,
regardless of renter or home owner


We believe that our clients are like family and should be treated as such


We send a monthly report at the beginning of every month


We have cutting edge technology that will protect our guests and your home


With 15 years of experience managing all sorts of vacation homes in Orlando Florida, we have been perfecting the craft of vacation rentals. Nova Vacation Homes are ambitiously aiming to create the best vacation home experience for everyone, everywhere. 

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Our mission is to provide amazing services at reasonable costs where everyone where everyone profits—from our clients to the tenants who rent from us, and even the homeowners who entrust us with their properties! Starting from a humble beginning with only a few houses, we have expanded our portfolio to include over 400 properties under our professional care.

Quick Facts About Nova Vacation Homes

At Nova Vacation Homes, we pride ourselves in what we offer to clients who rent with us.


We Get 15% more bookings compared to all other management companies


We are specialized in Resorts located within 10 miles of Disney World


We use new Technologies to ensure optimal customer satisfaction