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Smart Home Deployment

We have smart home technology to ensure help fully optimize your property without conflicting the home’s security

Smart Home Services

With the cutting edge technology integrated into your home by Nova Vacation Homes, you get to experience the following benefits

Energy Management

Energy expenditures can be reduced by managing utilities like lighting, heating, and cooling. By setting your thermostat in advance to a particular temperature at particular times of the day, you can ensure comfort while conserving energy. The best part? You can do it all from your phone

Increased Safety

Your system connects all smart gadgets to maintain constant safety and security for the building’s occupants. The monitoring station service and you can stay informed and alert the neighborhood police, fire station, or EMS in case of emergencies thanks to connected smoke and CO detectors.


Control, automate, and adjust the temperature, lighting, and access at your properties with a handheld command center. From the internet or mobile app, you may remotely activate and disarm security devices, get sensor notifications, and lock or unlock property doors

Home Management App

Success at your fingertips


Users can create and control light using a smartphone or tablet

SMART Security

Control your smart locks with a click of a button on the intuitive app


Thermostats are sacred. That's why you can control them with ease on your device


Detect when things open or close, if there’s a vibration, or if an object moves and get a notification

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