Home is where the heart is. The moment you walk in the door, your friends and family members know that you’re going to have a great time. Whether it’s at home or visiting friends and family, people want to spend their days with people they can talk about problems with, not just watch movies together. This means having a game room is a must-have for any home that has many spaces to enjoy. You don’t always want to be keeping guests away from the food, but you also don’t want them to feel like they are just sitting around playing cards or pong instead of having fun! There are so many great vacation homes that have great game rooms that you won’t be able to pass up!

1429 marvel game room orlando florida
Modern Marvel Themed Game Room

What to Look For When Choosing a Home for a Game Room

If you are looking for a game room, you should definitely consider looking at some of the vacation homes in Orlando, Florida. These are beautiful homes with fully-equipped consoles and playing space. They offer everything you need to make your vacation unforgettable! 

If you are more interested in a more traditional version of fun, you might be better off looking at a home with a pool or spa. But, why not have it all? Most of our amazing houses at Nova Vacation are equipped with dedicated game rooms, theatre rooms, jacuzzi’s, and pools. So you can relax and enjoy your moments without ever having to leave the house. While you are here, check out our Resort Highlights on Solara Resort! These will give you insight into the kind of houses and vacation rentals available for your future vacation, honeymoon, or whatever special occasion you might have.

How to Create a Great Game Room at Home

If you are planning on building a great game room at home, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The first and foremost thing you must consider is whether you want to build it in your own backyard or in a park. Building it in your backyard, then make sure to make it as assertive and beautiful as possible. If you are building it in a park, make sure to have a fun and interesting animal or landscape theme. If that is not an option for you, then this does not mean that there will be no space or no attractions in the park. Need inspirations? Check out some here.

You can certainly find inspiration for your theme in the surrounding area or in this gallery of home décor ideas! Another consideration when looking at building a game room is the type of flooring you will choose. You may want to use hardwood floors in the game room, but they do not have to be the most expensive pieces available. Floor graphics should be minimal, and should not be wallpapered or hung pictures on the wall. If you are looking for a more traditional look, then you could easily go with a simple wooden floor and some stone walls, making your home much more affordable.  

If you are thinking of turning your property into a rental property and going to add in a game room, then check out this article

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Themed Luxury Game Room

Highlights: Best Vacation Homes Game Rooms of 2022

The highly anticipated Game Room of 2022 is now available for rent on your next vacation! These houses has everything you need to relax, learn, and have fun. The best part? Previous customers who have stayed with us in the past are eligible for 5% discount! Just contact one of our customer support and we will be ready to assist you. 

Which Side Will You Choose?

Windsor Island 'Wonderland' 3633

The home features 10 spacious bedrooms with attached bathrooms, multiple living areas, a games loft, a gourmet kitchen & an expansive yard and a private pool/spa.

Windsor Island 'Avengers HQ' 3549

This brand new luxury home is located within the exclusive Windsor Island resort providing you the easy access to Orlando’s theme parks, dining, & top shopping.

Newest Vacation Home With Game Room

Guests have full access to the amazing amenities including a huge luxury clubhouse, wave simulator, ice-cream parlor & much more.

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The fun and games will never stop at Nova Vacation! Whether you are looking for a family-friendly vacation home with plenty of room for all the guests or you are looking for a unique vacation home that will become a part of your home history, Our vacation homes at Nova Vacation has it all. All the rooms feature world-renowned art, and the bathroom are just some of the most comfortable places you will experience. This is one of the most affordable vacation homes in the world with amazing games, beautiful outdoor areas, and a home that  will create memories for years to come. 

So, what are you waiting for? Make your voice heard! What do you think about vacation homes? What will you create at home at The Home of the Games? Let us know in the comments section below!