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Theme Parks

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Universal studios orlando

Explore the 3 theme parks

Universal studios florida

It is very similar to seeing your favorite TV episodes and movies in person, with the exception that there are more extreme twists, turns, and drops. Face bad guys who are more dangerous than your kids’ pre-churros. everyday, perhaps hourly, protect the environment. Dragons, yes, we have dragons. It’s cool that one of them even breaths actual fire (err hot). This goes much beyond what you see in movies.

island of adventure

This is where it happens. Go up. and back down. We’re here for everybody who says, “Yay adventure!” Superheroes. magical beings. a witchcraft and wizardry academy. indeed, dinosaurs (turns out, not so extinct). Several rides are recommended. Some people will dunk you. Some people will merely ruin your hair. Some will leave you dizzy (figuratively speaking). They’ll all agree that every island is a unique reality.

volcano bay

It’s a water park with rides. This is a lot of water-filled theme park. And that large object in the center looks just like a volcano. Because, as you are well aware, volcanoes contain water slides, the kind of which will cause you to back out at the last minute absent peer pressure from your friends (or kids). If you want to go with the flow, we also provide relaxing amenities including a winding river and a wave pool, as well as reclining seats. Nothing is more chilly than that. Keep in mind that it is a South Seas oasis (and nothing says oasis like a volcano).

Sea World

When educational meets fun

A pleasant relief and break from the business of the other theme parks in Central Florida, SeaWorld Orlando is a 200-acre marine adventure theme park operating all year round. This contemporary theme park prioritizes learning and discovery over thrilling rides, yet it still has plenty of thrilling activities to keep adventure and thrill-seekers pleased all across the park. Some could argue that it has Orlando’s most intense roller coaster. SeaWorld Orlando offers a wide variety of performances and possibilities for close encounters with a variety of its own special stars, such as killer whales, sea lions, penguins, dolphins, stingrays, walruses, and many others.

Explore more theme parks by Sea World


Near International Drive and Seaworld, at 5800 Water Play Way, is where you’ll find Aquatica.

Amazing attractions are available at Aquatica for guests of all ages and swimming abilities.

During their visit, guests can also take swimming lessons while meeting fascinating animal characters and seeing some stunning exotic creatures.


busch Gardens

The 335-acre animal theme park Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is situated in Tampa, Florida, in the United States. Its environment and architecture are based on motifs from Africa and Asia. 

The park debuted on June 1, 1959. SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment owns and runs it.

Adventure Island

A water park called Adventure Island may be found northeast of Tampa, Florida, directly across from Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. There are 30 acres of water rides, food, and other activities in the park. 

The park, which is a division of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, debuted on June 7, 1980.

Walt Disney World

The Happiest place on earth

The Walt Disney World Resort, usually known as Walt Disney World or Disney World, is a recreational resort area in Florida, close to the cities of Orlando and Kissimmee, in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista.

Magic kingdom

A theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida, close to Orlando, Florida, Magic Kingdom Park was formerly known as Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom and The Magic Kingdom.



At the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida, Epcot is a theme park that is stylized as EPCOT in all capital letters. The Walt Disney Company, through its Parks, Experiences, and Products business, owns and runs it.

animal kingdom

At the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida, close to Orlando, there is a zoological theme park called Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. The Walt Disney Company, through its Parks, Experiences, and Products division, owns and runs the 580-acre park, which is the biggest theme park in the world.

star wars themed bedroom florida
1429 marvel game room orlando florida


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